Real travel is...

Without the internet on your mind

Without a mobile in your hand

But with the wind in your hair

And freedom in your soul

– Ken Potter



Over the years, Potter has written many articles and short stories for magazines and online.  He has also written theatrical pieces and is just completing his second play.

His first play – BEYOND BORDERS: The Quixotic Adventures of Sir Ken – is a true story about the world trip he undertook from 1975-82. A synopsis of this play can be read here.

The second play – Rats – is completely fictional and takes place in a Sydney office equipment company. Two sales employees, Shelley and Danny, are jolted out of their laid-back ways when a new hard-hitting sales manager fronts up.  As the new regime progresses, intrigue sets in.      


Much of Ken's writing is inspired by travel.  Two examples of his travel writing are included on this website.


In 1994, he cycled across the Algerian Sahara.  Sand Storming, the article he wrote about the adventure was published in Mountain Biking UK and can be read here.  


In 2006/7, he cycled across Cuba.  His competition-winning travel story – Following In The Footsteps Of Che – can be read here.


Both articles are accompanied by the appropriate photographs.

A sample of his short story writing – Wheel Of Fortune – can be read here.