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Updated: Nov 9

By Ken Potter

100-Word Microfiction

(The purpose here is to write a short story in 100 words)

He needed an ace to be the King. The King would take the treasure. The Knave was sitting opposite, surrounded by his pack.
A bead of sweat broke on Holden’s brow. Suddenly, he felt lonely. He reached for the dealt card. Peeked furtively.
Ace! Holden swallowed hard.
“Raise you three hundred,” he said.
Silence. Eventually, the Knave nodded.
“See you.”

Holden laid down his royal flush. The Knave couldn’t beat that.
The King reached for his treasure. But he didn’t reckon with the Joker. From behind the Knave the Joker produced a colt 45.
It had been a short reign.

© Ken Potter 2017

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