The Quixotic Adventures of Sir Ken

A show by Ken Potter

"Eight years...fifty countries...five continents...deserts...jungles...mountains...

moments of pathos and moments of danger – see how one man

pits wits and mettle against the elements and

engages the world's cultures

in pursuit of his dream..."

Being interviewed in Sydney after his Trans-Australian bicycle trek...

"He nearly froze on a Costa Rican mountaintop, nearly fried in a desert, nearly drowned in a jungle gulf. He fell in love, fell off his bike,

and landed on the wrong side of the law when

he was accused of being a spy

by secret police..."

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Some media quotes about Ken Potter...

"The wandering knight rode into 50 countries – including Iran before the revolution, Afghanistan before the Russians, and Argentina before the Falklands..."                              – The Daily Mirror


 "A Modern-Day Don Quixote with a bicycle for a horse and a particular brand of humour and imagination that novelists would love..."

                                                       – Paulo Magazine Chile

"His mission? To put a smile on the world's lugubrious face. And who in the world doesn't need a good laugh?"

                                                       – The Australian Women's Weekly

"One of the greatest eccentrics of our time..."

                                                       – City Radio Liverpool

"The strangest thing on wheels ever to hit Edinburgh..."

                                                       – BBC Edinburgh


"In today's shrinking world there are few regions unconquered and even fewer adventures. But for the bold, the daring, and the British, no road is left untamed.

                                                       –CHANNEL 9 Australia

"It was enough to make a bloke stand tall and shout 'God save the Queen'. Even the sand maidens on Waikiki Beach were left speechless..."

                                                       –The Honolulu Advertiser